The Order of Sound

The Order of Sound was created in 2000 by Fernando during his time in Chicago. It was originally founded as a hard techno group of dj’s from Wisconsin, northern Illinois, Chicago and Indiana who supported each other musically. Over time the music styles changed and other dj’s came and went.

2007 The Order of Sound evolved into The Order of Sound Trance Music Program by Fernando and spawned 82 show episodes. The show was aired on various radio sites and several episodes were broadcast over the air on various radio stations across Europe. The show at it's height would do just over 5000 downloads a month. 

2008 The Order of Sound House Music Program was developed by Fernando and produced over 110 editions. The program was carried by a number of radio sites as well.  

2008 The Classic House Music Program came into existence and featured 38 shows. The program was hosted by Fernando and Nasty Nick.

2012 The Order of Sound went silent.

2018 The Order of Sound returns with a new radio show and hits the road with party events in the Chicago area.