The Order of Sound Anthology 7

The Order of Sound Anthology 7 mixed by Fernando. 

I had some fun with this mix. I wanted to do something with the first tack by White Knight. At first I thought I'd keep the mix in the 1987 range. But by the 6th songs the vibe changed and I just rolled with it. Enjoy



White Knight - White Knight Jacks the House

The House Master Boyz - Trax U Lost

Razz - Razz-Mattaz

Thompson & Lenoir - You Can't Stop the House

Hittrax III - Bango Acid

Armando - 100% Of Dissin' You

Kool Rock Steady - Ain't We Funky Now

Fast Eddie - Make Some Noise

Dj Deeon - Barcodez

CZR - Seizure

Robert Armani - Clockwork

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