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The Order of Sound Anthology 15 

A Classic House mix covering tracks from 1986-87 featuring songs House Nation, IMXTC and Acid Trax. The Order of Sound Anthology 15 is mixed by Fernando.


It's U by ESP 
To The Beat Of The Drum (Freestyle version) by Wired, Jm Silk 
Rhythm Of The Beat (Kenny's mix) by Tony Sineni 
Housenation (Doorly remix) by Housemaster Boys 
Computer Madness by Steve Poindexter 
IMNXTC (JD Twitch Optimo Black Rabbit Whorehouse mix) by Denise Motto 
Give It To Me by Bam Bam 
Downfall by Armando 
Acid Trax (Plump DJ's edit) by Phuture


The Order of Sound Anthology 14 

Covering Freestyle music from the late 80's and early 90's. The Order of Sound Anthology 14 mixed live by Fernando.


1 Sincerely Yours by Sweet Sensation 
2 Yo No Se by Pajama Party 
3 On the Loose by Jasmin 
4 Leave it All Behind by Tolga 
5 Highways of Love by Johnny O. 
6 Don't Break My Heart by Safire 
7 Give Me Back My Heart by Corina 
8 Within My Heart by Voyce 
9 Out of Control by Corina 
10 Baby Don't Go by FFWD

The Order of Sound Anthology 13 

Covering dance tracks from 1982-86. The Order of Sound Anthology 13 mixed live by Fernando.


1 (You Are My) All in All by Joyce Sims 
2 Hungry for Your Love by Hanson & Davis 
3 Walking On Sunshine by Rockers Revenge 
4 You Don't Know by Serious Intention 
5 Infatuation by Up Front 
6 Clave Rocks by Body Rocks 
7 Can You Feel the Beat by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 
8 I'll Be All You Ever Need by Trinere 
9 If You Only Knew by Chip E

The Order of Sound Anthology 12 

The Order of Sound Anthology 12 mixed by Fernando. A12 features some great tracks from mostly 1986-87 with a couple from the early 90's.


1 I Can't Turn Around by J.M. Silk 
2 IN-TEN-SIT by Mickey Oliver 
3 House of God by DHS 
4 Dish & Tell by House of Venus 
5 Pump Up The Acid by Mickey Oliver 
6 Dum Dum by Fresh 
7 IMNXTC by Denise Motto 
8 Work The Box by The Children 
9 Mega Mix by Julian Perez, Bad Boy Bill

The Order of Sound Anthology 11 

The Order of Sound Anthology 11 mixed by Fernando cover Freestyle music from 1987-90.


1 I Won't Stop Loving You by C-Bank 
2 Because of You by Cover Girls 
3 Endless Night by Cynthia 
4 Spring Love by Stevie B 
5 Come Into My Arms by Judy Torres 
6 Change On Me by Cynthia 
7 Tears May Fall by TKA 
8 Without You by George Lamond 
9 Now and Forever by Nyasia


The Order of Sound Anthology 10 

The Order of Sound Anthology 10 mixed by Fernando cover Techno tracks from 1991-92.


1 Cosmotrash by Trashman 
2 Bow Chi Bow by Hocos Pocus 
3 Pullover by Xenon 
4 House Nation by The Ultimate Seduction 
5 Cactus Rhythm by Plexus 
6 Vamp by Outlander 
7 Voodoo Child by Moby 
8 J ames Brown is Dead by L.A. Style 
9 Who is Elvis by Phenomania 
10 House of God by DHS


The Order of Sound Anthology 9 

The Order of Sound Anthology 9 mixed by Fernando covers House tracks from 1993-97.


1 Follow Me by Aly-Us 
2 Ping Pong by Endangered Species 
3 Rumba by Pirates of The Carribean 
4 Bomba by Bad Boy Orchestra 
5 Witch Doktor by Armand Van Helden 
6 Voices by KC Flightt 
7 New York-London-Paris-Chicago by Soup 
8 Deep Inside by Hardrive


The Order of Sound Anthology 7 

The Order of Sound Anthology 7 mixed by Fernando. 

I had some fun with this mix. I wanted to do something with the first tack by White Knight. At first I thought I'd keep the mix in the 1987 range. But by the 6th songs the vibe changed and I just rolled with it. Enjoy



White Knight - White Knight Jacks the House

The House Master Boyz - Trax U Lost

Razz - Razz-Mattaz

Thompson & Lenoir - You Can't Stop the House

Hittrax III - Bango Acid

Armando - 100% Of Dissin' You

Kool Rock Steady - Ain't We Funky Now

Fast Eddie - Make Some Noise

Dj Deeon - Barcodez

CZR - Seizure

Robert Armani - Clockwork

The Order of Sound Anthology 6 

The Order of Sound Anthology 6 covers the House music sounds of Chicago 1987 mixed by Fernando 

This mix set here covers one my favorite time periods. This is when I learned how to mix. These sounds bring back many memories for myself. This is what it sounded like back then period.  Enjoy 



J’Adore Danser - Mark Imperial  

Work the Box -  Santos’s 

Jack Me Till I Scream - Julian Perez 

Jack it All Night Long - Bad Boy Bill 

Mystery Girl - Pierre’s Fantasy Club 

The Love I Lost - Mark Imperial  

You Use to Hold Me - Ralphi Rosario  

Can U Dance - Kenny Jason 

Rhythm Method - Mink 

I Want You - Ralphi Rosario 

Work My Body - Hittrax 

House Beat Box - Sampson 

Move - John Rocca

The Order of Sound Anthology 5 

The Order of Sound Anthology mix series continues with a mix that covers some early 80’s dance music mixed by Fernando. 

This is an interesting mix set. I myself was just a bit too young to know how these songs were received and how they went together. For this mix I selected songs I heard here and there in the House mixes that were played on the radio in Chicago around 85-86. It it truly a unique sound and vibe this mix produces. I must have played this mix back a hundred times and it still captivates me. I hope you can enjoy this as much as I have. Thanks



Love N Music - Ris, Celeste 

Feel the Drive - Doctor’s Cat 

Bostich - Yello 

Optimo - Liquid Liquid  

The Music Got Me - Visual  

My Forbidden Lover - Tapps 

She Has a Way -  Bobby O 

Shame - B.Blase 

One Look - Paul Parker 

Baby Don’t Go - FFWD