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The Order of Sound Anthology 10 

The Order of Sound Anthology 10 mixed by Fernando cover Techno tracks from 1991-92.


1 Cosmotrash by Trashman 
2 Bow Chi Bow by Hocos Pocus 
3 Pullover by Xenon 
4 House Nation by The Ultimate Seduction 
5 Cactus Rhythm by Plexus 
6 Vamp by Outlander 
7 Voodoo Child by Moby 
8 J ames Brown is Dead by L.A. Style 
9 Who is Elvis by Phenomania 
10 House of God by DHS


The Order of Sound Anthology 9 

The Order of Sound Anthology 9 mixed by Fernando covers House tracks from 1993-97.


1 Follow Me by Aly-Us 
2 Ping Pong by Endangered Species 
3 Rumba by Pirates of The Carribean 
4 Bomba by Bad Boy Orchestra 
5 Witch Doktor by Armand Van Helden 
6 Voices by KC Flightt 
7 New York-London-Paris-Chicago by Soup 
8 Deep Inside by Hardrive


The Order of Sound Anthology 7 

The Order of Sound Anthology 7 mixed by Fernando. 

I had some fun with this mix. I wanted to do something with the first tack by White Knight. At first I thought I'd keep the mix in the 1987 range. But by the 6th songs the vibe changed and I just rolled with it. Enjoy



White Knight - White Knight Jacks the House

The House Master Boyz - Trax U Lost

Razz - Razz-Mattaz

Thompson & Lenoir - You Can't Stop the House

Hittrax III - Bango Acid

Armando - 100% Of Dissin' You

Kool Rock Steady - Ain't We Funky Now

Fast Eddie - Make Some Noise

Dj Deeon - Barcodez

CZR - Seizure

Robert Armani - Clockwork

The Order of Sound Anthology 6 

The Order of Sound Anthology 6 covers the House music sounds of Chicago 1987 mixed by Fernando 

This mix set here covers one my favorite time periods. This is when I learned how to mix. These sounds bring back many memories for myself. This is what it sounded like back then period.  Enjoy 



J’Adore Danser - Mark Imperial  

Work the Box -  Santos’s 

Jack Me Till I Scream - Julian Perez 

Jack it All Night Long - Bad Boy Bill 

Mystery Girl - Pierre’s Fantasy Club 

The Love I Lost - Mark Imperial  

You Use to Hold Me - Ralphi Rosario  

Can U Dance - Kenny Jason 

Rhythm Method - Mink 

I Want You - Ralphi Rosario 

Work My Body - Hittrax 

House Beat Box - Sampson 

Move - John Rocca

The Order of Sound Anthology 5 

The Order of Sound Anthology mix series continues with a mix that covers some early 80’s dance music mixed by Fernando. 

This is an interesting mix set. I myself was just a bit too young to know how these songs were received and how they went together. For this mix I selected songs I heard here and there in the House mixes that were played on the radio in Chicago around 85-86. It it truly a unique sound and vibe this mix produces. I must have played this mix back a hundred times and it still captivates me. I hope you can enjoy this as much as I have. Thanks



Love N Music - Ris, Celeste 

Feel the Drive - Doctor’s Cat 

Bostich - Yello 

Optimo - Liquid Liquid  

The Music Got Me - Visual  

My Forbidden Lover - Tapps 

She Has a Way -  Bobby O 

Shame - B.Blase 

One Look - Paul Parker 

Baby Don’t Go - FFWD